12 Munsu-ro, Beon gil 445 Nam-Gu, Ulsan, South Korea


울산 광역시 남구 문수로445번길 12


Phone 010 3653 0625






The artist/ owner mixes east and west pottery techniques creating a fusion of pottery styles embellishing his own unique style while developing a modern approach to ceramic design.


Walk in, choose a piece of pre-fired pottery, pick some colours, think about a design and start painting.

If you need some help our professional art staff are on hand to assist you.


Enjoy complimentary tea or freshly roasted drip coffee from hand made cups, drippers and coffee pots/ teapots all made by the owner.

Try our 'wheel experience' or sign up for a month or two of intensive wheel throwing instruction.

호주에서 온 도자기 예술가와 함께 초벌구이가 된 도자기에 핸드페인팅 기법으로 자신만의 도자기를 디자인해봐요~ 빙글빙글 돌아가는 물레위에서 개성 넘치는 작품을 만들어봐요~ 원어민 선생님과 1:1로 영어도 배우고 도자기 물레체험도 함께 해요~ 생일 파티 장소 제공 (음식, 음료수 별도 구입)